Monday, April 11, 2016

Trumpism Redirected

Make America Great Again.  There's a certain appeal to that.  It survives the bombast and ethical blight which accompany the core message.  And while it's not likely to happen, recognition of deterioration and opportunity for reversal has inspired many more legitimate reformers.

Make Being a Doctor Great Again.  Make the Jewish Experience Great Again.  There's a certain appeal to these too.  Just like candidate Trump depends on those displaced by the current reality, usually involuntarily, medicine as well has an army of irritated competent practitioners given the raw deal and the attrition from Jewish life is also well documented as are pockets of revival.  Medicine does not yet seem to have the Trump-like figures it needs to advocate on its members' behalf.  Judaism may have a much more difficult problem where its advocates are Hillary style Federation Types, who make alliances with the kingmakers and then try to sound credible to a skeptical public, something that generally comes across as feeble.

No, we are still on our own.

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