Monday, September 19, 2016

IKEA Misadventure

These past few months I've been diligently pursuing the twelve projects I set aside for each half year.  Some have gone to completion, most have not but most are in progress.  To force my bedroom revision, I had the ceiling painted which required creating a perimeter for the people to work.  Decades of neglected paper and other stuff moved elsewhere, only to return with my permission.  That created a new space under a window.  Since I am probably not getting enough sleep in part due to use of the bed for reading, TV, Tablet and other activities that should be done elsewhere, I decided to place a lounge chair and reading lamp in that space.  When I had my my office, I also wanted a reading chair, obtaining a perfect one for me at IKEA but gave it to one of the secretaries when I closed shop.  Since it would be ideal for what I need now I headed off to IKEA, usually a fun outing even if I only buy anything beyond lunch a fraction of the visits.

First stop, lounge chairs.  They hardly had any, only low end bentwood or high end bulky stuff that looked less sturdy and about the same price that I could get at a local low end furniture store.  I could use some other stuff too, so I looked at kitchen tables, again flimsier than what I have now, though they did have some kitchen chairs that might suffice, again mostly less sturdy looking than what I have now which has already lasted 35+ years.  On to lunch at least.  Usually get gravlax, but this time decided to get a marinated salmon sandwich.  I can count on lunch, and coffee still only 75 cents.  Bun fell apart, salmon had the consistency and appearance of canned salmon, threw out most of the coffee.  Ooky but at least economical.  Then to their Marketplace a place where you browse and collect ideas to make your environment more appealing by purchasing stuff that you really don't need.  Wanted to get two lamps, a high end one for the living room and the reading lamp for the bedroom.  One possible reading lamp seemed suitable but rickety.  Not even close to finding a table lamp comparable to the one being replaced.

Passed the checkout empty-handed, not unusual for me, and disappointed, my first bust tour of IKEA.  At least I could pick up something at their food market.  Looked at herring, good price, no Kosher certification on any of the types.  I like their sparking pear juice.  Kosher certification on that disappeared as well.  Probably Swedes making a political statement or objecting to Rabbinical extortion.  I can ask their customer service inquiry later.

So I headed back to I-95, still needing some environmental upgrade, not really needing lunch.