Sunday, October 10, 2010

Physician Posting Sites

This summer I decided that I would no longer post comments on Medscape's Physician Connect, where I had been a regular for a couple of years, except at the Endocrinology division.  I tried replacing it with Sermo, where I found the physicians more congenial but for the most part these places do not really attract a lot of people whose goal is to be congenial.  Instead of finding it a place to exchange ideas, I found it a place to promote agendas, a place to express the desire for the gimmes whether that be removing the Israelis and any other Jews from Israel or removing the democrats from public positions or removing formularies from insurance so I can have my own way with no interference.  When somebody who a different view somebody will invariably respond that they are inferior in some way.  After maybe a year of this, doing my very best to be both erudite and polite, I found myself adapting to this environment more than I would like and offered myself a hiatus.

At first, I missed having a chance to express myself but that craving ran its course in a week or two.  A few days ago, I gave it another look, reviewing the political discussions on Medscape and the medical ones on Sermo.  I responded to Endocrinology on both but the political and practice of medicine subjects no longer held sufficient interest to open up the discussions to see what the medical discontents had to say about their never ending lists of real and perceived enemies.

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