Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting Up Early

My internal clock may be malfunctioning.  Early to bed, early to rise has altered my schedule without contributing a whole lot to health, wealth or wisdom the past few weeks.  As the clock moves toward 5:30, I've been up an hour, did some milchig dishes, made the crust for a Bookbinders Apple Walnut Pie that I've been meaning to make a gentleman who helped Irene out when her car malfunctioned last month but have not yet embarked on the planning for the upcoming week and month that was supposed to have been done two days ago.

Everything seems quiet with the sun not yet risen and no audios turned on.  A day of opportunities to do things, both to set goals and pursue them, has hardly started.  Coffee goes well this time of day, its attraction today being its pleasant but slightly bitter taste more than the need to perk up more than I am right now.  For a brief time, at least, I do not perceive myself as overwhelmed.

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