Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nominating Committee

AKSE Board Meeting last night.  I decided in advance to be a little provocative and annoy the President, which I accomplished by questioning whether they ought to be taking money from restrictive funds for operating expenses, then tossing the question off to the Rabbi for an assessment of propriety.  Comments at the Board Meeting tend to float around finances, which really have not changed since my time there.  They spend more than they take in and have no reasonable plan to spend less but only trial balloons to take in more.  Membership is up but dues revenues are down.  We really have no sage, but the closest to it indicated that no progress has been made in this dilemma in a long time.

Part of the problem, a large part I think, comes from the core participation.  The Board destroyed itself a few years ago by eliminating term limits from the By-Laws for all officers except President.  As a consequence the Nominating Committee contains four insiders who recycle officers then grapple with the reality that they are unable to think differently than they have before to transform the congregation in many potential ways to make it more attractive to other participants.  Until they change that, forward motion is likely to be self-restrained.  There just aren't that many creative people there who take a measure of delight in creating beneficial disruption that is needed for turning AKSE into the vibrant place to which outsiders will flock.

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