Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Year 5772

Rosh Hashana begins tonight.  I do not feel connected to it this year.  One year ago it marked the dividing line between closure of my practice and the first day on the new job.  This year Board Exams follow Yontiff.  I feel a little beaten down by the job, keeping long hours, looking for my next respite however brief.

I will not be attending AKSE services until Yom Kippur.  Irene took a particular liking to an independent egalitarian offering run by people who desire a better experience than what their congregation offers, or more accurately needs to cater to in order to keep a broad dues paying membership content.  I could use a couple of really good sermons.  My heart is just not into the themes of turnover and renewal.  Don't really need a new me, but some upgrades to the current me might be in order.

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