Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hakaras HaTov

While I work rather hard, I still enjoy the vigor to pursue what the hospital expects of me, and probably a little beyond that.  People younger age than me come to the exam rooms incapacitated in some way.  Yet despite feeling tired at times I am able to get up each day and find the energy to do what I am expected to do.

My lifestyle is simple and reasonably sedate.  There is a house, not at all ostentatious but paid for and in need of some upkeep but not beyond my capacity to complete.  My transportation is comfortable and stable.  I've been married going on 35 years and see a challenging effort of raising kids paying off.  My parents have passed on but I inherited and passed along enough character to allow the generations to turn over one to another.

Tal Ben-Shahar in his PBS special advocated keeping a log of five items worthy of thanks that occurred each day.  there are usually more than five, though sometimes it is a struggle to come up with five.  The Seder has a similar section of Dayenu with a somewhat longer than daily perspective.  The value of Hakaras HaTov, gratitude for the good, can and should be both daily and long-term.

On to a new personal year for me with its optimism and challenges begins today.

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