Monday, May 7, 2012

Incomplete Tasks

This weekend I had devoted to catch-up on a very long list.   I managed to get my overdue lab results from my doctor and acted on it.  Mercy Philadelphia Hospital has its first week of Computerized Physician Order Entry, known as CPOE, which occupied much of my work week to the neglect of anything else.  I had a few deadline items such as doing shacharit at AKSE and learning the third aliyah of next week's Torah portion, which I got done.  There was a semi-deadline for a blog contract with Medscape that I pretty much did as well.  And then we have the many things that have to get done or should get done but do not really have deadlines and sometimes not even end points.  This week I will have to update the hospital billing and change the system around to make the billing more timely.  The Department of Labor has sending me notices for a year even though I have not had employees during that time.  I finally took my fifty year old Schwinn out of the garage, put air in the tires and took it to Sports Authority for a safety and function inspection with the intent of riding it for exercise.  I can sit at my desk.  My new briefcase has sufficient content to transport things that I need to keep in my possession.  There is a menu for Mother's Day and I even got a card.  So it wasn't a total non-productive week or even weekend.

Just shy of two months remain in my semiannual intentions.  I may still be able to bring a cleaning crew in next month if I get the Family Room more accessible.  My monthly outings remain on schedule and I have some growth to the culinary herbs outside the front door and in the aerogarden.  I've done nothing of note financially. I've written nothing even close to submission for public consumption.  My research project remains largely neglected.  I'll try to plod along with these in the coming week.

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