Monday, November 5, 2012


Hospital billing, lab reports, sign charts, Medscape Blog entry.  All overdue professional activities.  Research project and office cleanup, neglected professional activities that really have no deadlines.  401K revisions and vacation reservations and exercise.  All neglected personal activities.  Upcoming long Torah reading, I better get on the stick.  I intend to do them all.  And assemble the new kitchen island, too.  Most are finite tasks where a box can be checked when completed.  They would all be completed were there no barriers, mostly something more urgent that has to be done instead.  Patients occupy the exam rooms.  There is a hospital census.  At home I am really tired and want to rest.  I thought of something clever to post on Sermo.  No shortage of diversions or momentary priorities.

Some real catch-up time came my way in the form of a hurricane that closed the office for a day and a half.  No office patients.  No phone messages.  Not much hospital activity.  I brought my billing up to date and edited all dictations.  Made progress on the lab box.  By week's end my blog was posted.  Some headway, still more to go but there is a sense of accomplishment for what got done.

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