Monday, December 31, 2012

Year's Conclusion

While it is not entirely rational, the transition of one calendar year to another has become a traditional demarcation point, a time to reassess last year and think ahead.  Having aspired to nothing in particular last year, there is no real disappointment at having acquired nothing.  My health seems good, though I could do better at taking my medicines, shedding some weight and dedicating some exercise time.  My candidate, to whose campaign I became a small donor, prevailed among the voters, though I suppose my own life would not have been materially different had there been an opposite outcome.  My family members seem to be on track for what they aspire to.   I have enough money and and for the most part take satisfaction in the tasks that earn it.  Not on a quest for more of anything.  I have learned to take a measure of delight in my portion.  More of a calendar transition ahead than a personal one.  Never saw the Mummers live.  Maybe this time.

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