Thursday, February 7, 2013


Hard to pinpoint why I have felt sad for the last two days in the absence of any precipitating event.  I do not feel angry, irritable or particularly irrational.  While my professional schedule seems full, it does not come across as overwhelming.  There are just a lot of things I think I would like to do or ought to do but lack any activation energy or inclination to do them.  Sure, the patients will get seen, the email will get looked at, my medical license will get renewed on time and I will have my upcoming Torah reading reasonably polished in the two weeks remaining.  It's the stuff that doesn't have deadlines which languishes.  There is a new NEJM article that I should read but nothing will happen if I don't.  I'd like to have my kitchen and bedroom more functional than they are, but no woe will befall me if they stay cluttered.  And my harmonica, which I purchased with great enthusiasm a year or so ago, rarely comes out of its case.

Two days of notable symptoms is hardly justification for getting myself of SSRI's.  Maybe if I accomplished a couple of the wanna do's but don't hafta projects, the accomplishment would reverse my mood a little.  More likely watchful waiting will do the same.

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