Friday, April 26, 2013

Going Fishing

My recreation has gotten a little thin.  Even when I escape for a short time, whether to the Lancaster Outlets a few weeks ago or the Yuengling Brewery last weekend, there are always a few deadline projects on my plate, whether Torah reading, AKSE Academy, a resident lecture or mandatory training for an IT upgrade at work.  Recreation has become an escape when it perhaps should be its own destination.  My two harmonicas lay idle.  My fishing rod still has its sales label attached after a year.

This weekend's weather report promises a pleasant outdoors on Sunday so I think it time to get to White Clay Creek State Park to try my hand at angling.  I have a state fishing license with trout stamp, as the creek is stocked by the state.  My intent is catch and release, though my negligible skill makes even that unlikely.  I bought some basic hooks and floats and lures at Walmart.  I have a vest with a lot of pockets and a hat and sunglasses and shoes that would be no worse off with a coating of mud.  My cell phone is charged and my beeper remains within range.  I bought a portable chair which has been in my trunk unused for a couple of years.  I'm amply equipped.  Have to remember to take the beer I bought last weekend out of the trunk as it is technically not allowed in the park.  And my next project, a very difficult and long aliyah for parshat Naso has been photocopied so that needed recreation remains less than absolutely recreation.

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