Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Did not count Omer this year or last but did the previous few.  Heart just not in it or given up trying to upgrade myself or maybe what the Rabbi said about the effect of the Omer on upgrading personality just wasn't true.  It is one of those festivals which, while important as the beginning of Torah study, comes at an awkward time in the calendar.  In the younger years it came at the time of class trips, later at exams, later at graduation and finally at the transition from spring to summer when vacation anticipation or planning dominates.  It typically gets buried between Mothers Day and Fathers Day, subservient to both.  There are no mandated symbols like an etrog or matzoh.  Despite the seven week preparatory season, the yontiff itself only lasts two days.

Still there are attempts by synagogues over a generation to keep this holiday afloat.  Many have used this occasion for their Hebrew school graduations.  As Hebrew school enrollment has depleted and many parents object to keeping their tykes home from school during prime study season, the communal observance has absorbed a night of study, traditionally conducted after dark into the wee hours.  People seem to be willing to do that.  And there are dairy meals, blintzes and cheesecake and some savory variants as well.

My own observance this year will be a largely culinary one with a respite from recreational computer.

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