Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Doing Shacharit

Back on bimah, having been ba-al shacharit for the first time in at least six months last month and accepting an invitation to repeat at shabbos Pesach.  I have divided opinions about this.  Our congregation has a desperate need to expand its participants in most everything from worship to governance to education.  People need to be challenged and people need to rise to the occasion, which at times they do, as in the BINGO effort z"l.  It is too easy to slouch into mediocrity. Needing to review the sounds of Hallel adds a needed dimension to the effort.

There are a number of portions with variable tunes, mainly Mimkomcha from the Kedusha and sim shalom from the end of the Amidah so I try to use one that has not been used in a while to perhaps add interest and keep my mind more agile.  Will attendance justify the effort?  I think the effort remains justified even in the absence of attendance.

This is the type of learning that can be expanded easily with the availability of cyberspace audio.  People just have to be assertive about taking advantage of what already exists.

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