Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Disbursing My Treasure

When I put myself of Federation's Do Not Call list fifteen years ago after some experiences that justified my becoming one of the Pew Research Center Study drop-outs, I did not pocket the donations but distributed them myself, first bi-monthly for a couple of years, then monthly until last year, and now quarterly, though monthly was better.  Quarterly allows me to spend too much time on my figurative High Horse from which I tease out relative worthiness and themes.  So last quarter I sent checks to support Israel's security and Jewish camping to the neglect of people in my community whose lives are currently a little more precarious than mine.  So this quarter it looks like the checks will go to forms of outreach, some religious, some social.  I think randomness of support, or really inclusivity of support, better reflects the concept of Tzedakah, so I think I will return to the previous format next month


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