Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Scheduling Shabbos

Since I elected to ration Saturday morning at shul to twice monthly, having been pretty much done in by the Aliyah Sound Bites and maybe the decline in physical comfort that comes with moving the weekly service from the main sanctuary to the homier chapel to make it look more crowded than it really is, sometimes I have to choose which two shabbatot.  It has been my custom to select the first two, modified for platelet donations which I usually do toward the beginning of a month or other special circumstances like a Bar Mitzvah which I assign to a shabbos off.  These are uncommon.  Thus my pattern has become two on, two or three off.  I'm thinking of changing that to first two on odd numbered months, last two on even numbered months making it effectively four on, four or five off.  Doubt anyone other than myself will know the difference or recognized my absence when not there for a full month.  Not a good season to experiment with this, as YK falls on a shabbos early in the month and October is usually a platelet donation month for me.  Reconsider as 2015 and its new projects approach.

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