Sunday, January 18, 2015

Morning at Chabad

It's been a while since I was last at Chabad on shabbos morning.  While my quest for an uninterrupted Torah reading was not fulfilled there either, I very much enjoyed being there, partaking of the differences between expected Orthodox services and the minor liturgical variations which their tradition uses.  About half, or perhaps somewhat more, had at one time been members of AKSE, most of whom I had not seen in a while but pretty near 100% came over to greet me.  They gave me the honor of Hagbah, done a little differently in their tradition but explained to me.  I then had to sit with the Torah through the Haftarah and prayers preliminary to it's return, something that got a little heavy, but maybe an incentive to me to get back in better condition.  The Rabbi's son did Musaf, lovely voice, and to be a newlywed soon.  Aliyah Sound Bites, three of them, done by the Assistant Rabbi, longer than AKSE's, of perhaps slightly more erudite content, and wonderful dvar Torah by Rabbi Vogel, the Rebbe's shaliach in Delaware.  Simple kiddush, with a little schapps offered to me by the Rabbi.  I selected the partially home made one, Polish potato vodka which he infused with etrog.  Definitely different, enough citrus to notice.  Updated overdue acquaintances, then moved on for the rest of the day.  It felt like shabbos morning.

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