Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pesach Prep

Pesach remains my favorite holiday, even though it requires the most effort, or perhaps because it requires the most effort.  While the origins are communal, the celebration comes across as more family, gathering for Seder at the beginning and reciting Yizkor at the end.  Refrigerator purges of the inedible that should have been done some time ago.  Even cleaning the car and cutting my scalp and facial hair in anticipation of unchallenged growth between Seder and Lag B'Omer.  Good Friday has been a day off from work so I make an elegant shabbos Pesach feast, usually with guests.  Menus are semi-creative, merging seamlessly with the more prescribed components of ritual.  It always offers me a sense of accomplishment and a sense of separation from the rest of the year.   It also requires a measure of restraint to keep from becoming a fanatic, to maintain perspective.  So preparation has started, two weeks in advance.  The kitchen counters have been sorted if not fullh harvested.  Some things like the two beer growlers can go downstairs today.  Fleishig goop purged from refrigerator and their containers have been washed.  Kitchen cart next.

Seder coincides with my Good Friday off so I will be preparing the food, some traditional, some new, some dependent on what might be on sale.  Have not bought new clothing, and probably won't. Shul plans uncertain, Yizkor probably at AKSE.  Maybe one of the other Yom Tovim too.  Usually do not have many of those irritating Torah interruptions on Yom Tovim.  Since it comes on a three day weekend workwise, I will also have to see patients, probably at the mid-point.

Menu in general:  Plate:

  1. ZRoah
  2. Maror
  3. Charoset
  4. Baytzah
  5. Carpas
  6. Chazeret
  7. Orange
Salt Water
Hard Boiled Eggs
Appetizer of some type
Home made chicken soup with Matzoh Balls
Salad of some type
Poultry, type depending on the price of turkey
Matzoh kugel
Cabbage with apples
Some type of dessert
Tea, Soda

Worth the effort
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