Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Projects for the Half Year

Six Months ago I changed my traditional planning categories to give a longer perspective, some things I'd like to complete, others open-ended projects that benefit from effort.  I completed three of twelve for the current half year and move onward.

  1. Friends:  Contact an old friend each month
  2. Family:  Dedicate special time each month for my wife
  3. Financial:  Finally computerize my assets
  4. Self:  Go on three day trips
  5. Home: Declutter once and for all each room
  6. Purchase: Cosmetic upgrades to the kitchen
  7. New Frontiers: First draft of the book I'd like to write on Jewish institutional attrition
  8. Travel: Drive to Florida
  9. Long Term:  Engage in my post-retirement activities
  10. Community:  Participate in two Jewish organization
  11. Health:  Get my weight under 155 pounds
  12. Mental:  Make my blog interactive

Will I actually do these?  As usual, some to completion, some not but worth the effort.

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