Thursday, November 5, 2015

Preparing a Presentation

Each year AKSE holds a night of college level adult education known as the AKSE Academy, created by me and run by me until frustration in setting it up got the better of me and I walked away but others picked up the ball.  This year the committee offered me a slot to present something, opting for a medical ethics topic but giving me some leeway.  Narrowed down to three options:  The Sages Guide to Electronic Medicine, The Otisville Minyan and Other Tales of Frum Misconduct, Tircha D'Tziburrah or burdening the congregation.  Each has the potential to take a little poke at people's personal experiences, amid a cast of presentations that seem more pedantic, or at least removed a bit from what people encounter Jewishly or personally.

There's a certain Jewishness and a certain reality to each.  As I read and create medical records each day, there is a certain misrepresentation built into the electronic form where people do the illusion of a physical exam and discharge analysis but establish a document for payment, known by the Rabbis as genevat da-at.  Every frum criminal has loyal supporters and rationalization of the crimes committed, or at least offset by the ill gotten gains going to tzedakah.  And for Tircha, don't even get me started on Aliyah Sound Bites.

So I have a week to decide, then it's on to sources and Power Point.

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