Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Making the Minyan

Our Rabbi has decided that the security of our two daily minyanim, which makes us unique in town, should be the litmus test of our viability.  We may be in the process of depleting shabbos morning, but Monday morning must go on.  At least there are priorities, if not necessarily the best ones.  The minyanim, of which only men count, assemble at 7AM and 5:30 PM most days but on Wednesday and Friday, we combine with the USCJ congregation nearby unless Torah is read to avoid conflicts over policies on women.  Similarly, on combined services at their shul, their Hazzan being female, their Rabbi conducts services.  I do not know how successful the minyanim have been, as I've only gone to one combined service for Tziyum Bechorim last spring, finding the hybrid liturgy a lot more Conservative adaptation than our traditional fully Hebrew proceedings.

As a service to our congregants, and perhaps a form of Meaningful Use from the computer, people can request a broadcast of when they need to observe yahrtzeit and an email will go out requesting men to make a special effort to attend.  Such a notice went out yesterday for a person who really should get my best effort, so being on vacation this week, I'll help out this evening.

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