Friday, March 25, 2016

Being Manipulated

AIPAC held its annual meeting, an extravaganza of Zionists, of which I include myself, though some of the in your face positions leave me wondering at times.  I've never attended the annual meeting, though increasing numbers of people do.  I've got enough vacation time and it's Washington location is easily accessible.  I'm a little put off by the expense, and as I read about JJ Goldberg's account in The Forward I might be a little put off by the people who go there.  It comes across in the report as Macher City, people who restrict or even manipulate what they want you to know, the experience they want you to have, and even when the people who count think applause would sound good.  Federation Types everywhere absorbed in their own importance thoroughly neglectful of the reality that the rabbinical tradition of Judaism that has made us enduring depends not only on diversity of opinion but on its expression and analysis.  Manipulation = Attrition.  I definitely looked askance of reporter Goldberg's account of the event.  While attendance is up, I have little desire to be a part of the extravaganza that he wrote about.

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