Thursday, May 12, 2016

Goofy CUFI's

Haven't seen or heard from these downstate folks in ages.  This being Yom Ha-Atzamaut, what better reminder than these once invited guests of AKSE to remind me that support for our Jewish homeland and absorption of the Jewish essence of Wisdom-Justice-Community-Sanctity are not necessarily coincident.  Don't know who these guys voted for in the spring primaries but a safe guess that their party registration diverges from mine.  Their concept of Holiness probably more literal than  mine but less expansive.  Probably AKSE and the State of Israel are better off with the CUFI's as silent partners.  The Navi Amos figured out some time ago that you could be a prominent member of the Jewish community and exploit a vulnerable person for a pair of shoes, but you won't be worthy of your land for very long if you do.

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