Thursday, June 30, 2016

Second Half 2016

Each half-year I set a series of twelve goals to work on for the upcoming six months.  They are always a mixture of things I am sure to accomplish like getting my medical license renewed or attending a scheduled graduation and things that will probably never come to fruition but the quest toward goal has its own rewards.  So as we transition to the second half of the calendar year, the next set of projects within stable categories takes shape.  Personal. Home. Professional. Family/Financial.

  1. Home:  My bedroom will be my comfortable sanctuary.
  2. Mental:  I will submit a poster on time for presentation at the next Endocrine Society Annual Meeting.
  3. Financial: The retirement planning checklist will be submitted to my financial adviser.
  4. Purchase:  The kitchen upgrades will be completed.
  5. Health:  My weight will measure under 155 pounds.
  6. Family:  I will prepare a special dinner for Irene each month.
  7. Frontiers:  I will visit two places I have not been to before.
  8. Long Term:  I will outline the book that I'd like to write in 2017.
  9. Friends:  Four shabbos dinners with guests will take place in my house.
  10. Personal:  I will watch three movies in the theater and three at home.
  11. Community: Three Israel advocacy essays or letters will be submitted to public media.
  12. Travel:  I will visit three breweries that I've not visited before.
I try to follow the SMART algorithm:  Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Realistic-Time limited.  See how it goes.

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