Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Me

There really cannot be a new me, just an upgraded one.  Under New Management perhaps.  More gracious, healthier, dedicated to less clutter, medically more knowledgeable, electronically upgraded, ready to live comfortably without having to earn additional income each day or at least ready to accept the reality of my post-earning years.  Those are the goals for the first half of 2011, though the end points by which success is evaluated are less distinct than they should be.  Gracious may be acquiring new friends, attending social events, having more contact with old friends or even upgrading my performance as husband and father.  Healthier has a lot of parameters from weight, exercise performance, lab data, clothing size.  Decluttering I think means getting out from under papers and moving what is not likely to be used someplace other than my house.  Putting decluttering on my schedule defines process, not result.  Medically more knowledgeable has a result remote from the next six months.  There will be a board exam which will have a result, but that comes in the second half of 2011.  My electronic upgrades include iPod and phone, but again more process than end point.  Post earning financial planning is more straightforward.  I need a Long Term Insurance policy and an estate plan.  Very clear end points.

"Begin with the End in Mind, "  Stephen Covey advised.  This week I determine the end points and the intermediate steps.

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