Friday, January 14, 2011

Sunday on Call

This one was difficult.  I inherited a long list from my partner and accumulated five more.  It took seven hours to get everybody seen and properly assessed.  At least there were no major glitches.  Everybody could  be found in their room.  The glucose and medication documentation had no serious lapses.  Most of the elevators worked.  There was coffee in the Doctors Lounge so I could grab some, then go to my office to extract data from the computer before heading off to a new consult.

Still, my personal agenda for the afternoon, including a SLU reception and basketball game at Temple, took a back seat to my professional responsibilities.  I got home as Irene was leaving for her weekly choral rehearsal so my personal intent of carving out some neglected family time also did not get done.  I did not take time to become more proficient with my iPod despite purchasing a book which would enable me to do this.  AKSE Academy preparation also did not materialize in the way I had hoped. 

Patients got good, thoughtful care, as they should but it took its personal toll, one that I expect to carry forth the rest of the week until I sign out next Friday for what I hope will be some real recreation.

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