Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Paper Everywhere

We did some semblance of cleaning for Pesach as we do every year.  Unfortunately this time it meant removing remnants of my now non-existant office transported to my living room to someplace else so that the carpet cleaners might purge Chametz.  Some things went to the storage center I rented but most went to the family room or hall.  As we get four weeks into the Omer ever more quantities of mail and magazines and newspapers have arrived, not to mention cardboard containers that still have some food in them.  My kitchen table has no visible surface.  My desk at work does not appear much better.  I had to dig out the netbook from under a pile of stuff including forms that I was supposed to fill out but haven't yet.

Paper never quite ends but at least it can be sorted into categories of importance or perhaps even urgency.  I'm not sure what happens to all the stuff that goes into the recycling bin which the trash collectors pick up every couple of weeks.  Definitely better than keeping all that stuff here.

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