Monday, May 30, 2011

Dr. Moe, Dr. Larry, Dr. Alan

Med school came through for Alan.  Both kids went in my direction.  I didn't realize I was a good influence, or maybe I wasn't.  My kids inherited my diligence and tenacity, maybe a tendency to not take themselves or their talent too seriously.  More importantly though, for all my hard work, for all my tendency to complain about people and circumstances, I never belittled my medical colleagues except in a humorous way.  Same with patients.  Some can be pretty irritating but my willingness to let these annoyances proceed in stride probably made them wonder sometimes why I did not always treat them with the same placid manner.  Eventually they realized it is because I expected more of them than I do of patients.  Both kids rose to the occasion.

While I might have like to have more for retirement set aside than I now can, I cannot think of a more valid personal legacy well worth the financial consequences.

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