Thursday, June 2, 2011

Electronic Friends

Cyberspace has served me well personally, medically and Jewishly.  As I become irritated with the local synagogue and personal encounters there, I can look at the number of people of substance that I have exchanged e-mails on Jewish ideas from list I made a few years ago.  It now numbers about three dozen.  I can sit in my office by myself, post something on Sermo, usually in response to somebody else's comment or query, and expect some comment about mine.  I've met langdon and endo1983, electronic caricatures of knowlegeable people.  There are Tom and Rick of AEI.  And there are enduring friendships from the 1960's Ramapo Central School District #2 recreated on Facebook.

I've never met most of these people, though I realize that they are people with unique appearances and perspectives.  While there is no opportunity for a handshake, there is ongoing engagement just the same.

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