Friday, March 9, 2012

Paperwork Days

Up early, partly due to insomnia, partly due to need to accomplish things like getting shabbos dinner into crock pot and finishing the fleishig dishes.  I'm not tired right now but will probably be before long.

My weekly morning free of office patients awaits me.  Last week I took all my papers:  day sheets with billing records, forms to renew medicines and the like and stuffed them all into my briefcase where they still sit.  I allot two hours each Friday morning to contact patients about their lab work.  And I am not going to the hospital this weekend unless there is a medical urgency so Sunday is also allocated to paper.  My DEA comes up for renewal.  My drivers license comes up for renewal, something the State of Delaware made non-trivial.  My bills are all up to date but I have a bunch of checks that may be mine from the old offices or may be the property of Mercy Philadelphia Hospital for people I saw there.  And taxes need to be organized, my father's estate has been procrastinated for two years.  I just do not particularly like sitting at my desk processing paper.  It is one of those things that needs doing but also needs overcoming excuses for not doing. This morning some, Sunday the rest, with shabbos for other things.

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