Thursday, March 22, 2012

Two Days Off

Two vacation days to try out retirement.  That was not the initial purpose, which really included neglected chores like my finances, taxes, dental work, auto service, and drivers license renewal, all of which got done.  Most of it got done the first day, leaving me with some open ended time the second day.  I do not expect to last a whole lot longer at Mercy Philadelphia Hospital.  As much as I like being with the patients and meeting the residency program challenges, the time and effort involved have taken its toll on me personally.  I work at higher volume than what the people who run the place are used to and try not to be too demanding.  While I keep up with the work, the interest in removing the impediments which would enable me to do things that cannot be done when people are just tossed at you with little notice or planning just isn't there.  They are happy with having me as a Golden Goose and don 't realize that they will eventually slaughter it.

For me the question has been what would I do instead if I did not have to schlep off to work each day.  Might it drive me nuts?  So far it hasn't because I have other things that I might like to do instead.  I'd certainly like to get my house up to speed and have the funds to do it now.  My finances also need to be brought up to speed.  In both cases the rigors of my job have been real impediments.  I listened to a full lecture on for the first time in a while.  I used to listen to this a lot but I come home from a long day wanting nothing better than to be left alone while I see who posted what on Facebook.  I travel once a month as an escape.  I'd much prefer to travel as a destination without a clear deadline for getting back.  While getting my car serviced, I decided to write an essay that I've neglected for some time.  For an hour I had no place to go and no distractions.  I jotted down the thoughts though not having done this for a long time, I struggled with the actual composition.

A Facebook Friend recently allowed me to get reacquainted.  I knew he became an attorney and has what seems to be a solo practice, on only his name as the identity of his firm.  I also learned from his postings that he has become a ski enthusiast and a cycling enthusiast, spending a fair sum on each to say nothing of prioritizing them into his personal schedule.  Myra has her dogs.  Irene has Torah Portion Humor and Choral Music.  I never really developed an insatiable interest in anything, even though there are many things I like doing.  One probably does not really need that to retire successfully but there has to be some type of activity agenda.  I learned from my two days for myself that I can occupy my time in a productive way, both accomplishing a doable list of well-defined chores and absorbing time in a suitable way when it comes in a more amorphous fashion.

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