Monday, March 3, 2014

Mystery Shopper

I'm neither a mystery to my synagogue and not exactly a shopper, though I think if I were a 30-something with a young family, the try-out of my current congregation would be brief.  Shabbat morning would probably do me in before I even got to any kind of learned discussion of Judaism with the Rabbi.  By ten o'clock there was a minyan, though not by much.  No young people attended, hardly any women attended.  Tfilah was competent though slow.  Comments from the Rabbi could be assessed in a complimentary way, or maybe not.  And then the announcements deviated from their purpose, crossing the line into Tircha d'Tzibuurah, methinks.  People just looked like they were fulfilling an obligation, not really having a good time.  I do not know when else prospective members might come.  Maybe an invitation to a Board Meeting, maybe witness the Hebrew School, maybe attend a Rabbi class and offer them free pizza.   The Board has this notion that if we brought people in they would stay.  Need to bring in some real Mystery Shoppers and take the feedback seriously first.

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