Thursday, March 13, 2014

Purim Approaches

This year finds me in something less than a festive mood.  The Megillah reading always evokes a measure of admiration for the readers as it takes some effort to prepare this.  Spiels are sometimes clever.  Maybe the best chance of the year for the synagogue to live out its logo of Embracing/Engaging/Enriching as it no doubt offers a similar opportunity to many other congregations.  A chance to enjoy being Jewish and partake of rituals that have frivolity.

For those of us who prefer the more serious side, there are messages of generosity with shalach manot gifts to friends and the beginning of Maot Chitim to enable members of The Tribe with limited means to observe the upcoming Pesach.  There is a message to combat evil starting with the Torah and Haftarah additions of Amalek and Agag.  Add to that the chance to look at our real selves revealed by the festival requirements that we get inebriated, give away some of our money, and express anger, the very circumstances that best display what lies beneath our more social facade.

Still have a couple of days to work on my own outlook.

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