Saturday, December 25, 2010

Taking Shabbos Off

Even when Christmas comes on shabbos, the Jewish doctors take weekend call, as I have done every year since starting practice in 1990 and all years but one since my internship.  This weekend, the legal holiday was Christmas Eve, a Friday, when I went to the relatively quiet hospital, saw a couple of new consults, rounded on a dozen more and drove home for a quiet shabbos dinner at services at Beth Emeth that failed to materialize.  Their intermarriage situation may be more profound than I realized.  Logistically it makes most sense for me to take Saturday call from home, which I did, then round and see new consults on Sunday, which is how I usually have been handling the weekends at Mercy.  Only one consult came through, no other calls.  It was my original intent to do nothing.  Instead, I caught up on decluttering, moving a few loads of papers to the recycling bin, putting away most of my clothing, creating a PsychoPath in the bedroom.  I did not go to services.  The Rabbi would wonder if one of the Jewish doctors showed up.

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