Thursday, December 30, 2010

Too Irritible

These past few weeks I've felt a little jumpy and perhaps hypercritical of what goes on around me.  It's hard to tell why, but small things irritate me.  My neighbor Reb Yaakov, the great sage of Monsey, used to get transported in a clunker that often failed to get to him to his desired destination at the desired time.  He used to shrug it off as HaShem's desire for him to be someplace different than where he wanted to be.  Things that don't work right or people who don't do what they are supposed to do might be part of a divine plan or plot.  Still, I greatly prefer to have what I need when I needed, to have nurses that give medicines at the appointed times and record on the record the things that need to be recorded, patients who keep their appointments, fellow denizens of the highway who share my interest in safety, Rabbi's who know enought Torah and have the intellect to discuss it, Board members who can go beyond nice as an end point.  It could be a lot worse, unlike the political wingnuts, Obama's decisions and Talk Radio do not get me emotionally involved at all.

I think my failing comes from not being able to separate things that I control and are amenable to correction, which should irritate me, from things I am not able to control but would still like to.  Finding what I need when I need it falls into the realm of possible, however prolonged the problem and unlikely the resolution.  As I learned this week, my iPOD may frustrate me but there is a geek at Best Buy who can make it work, or at least move me into the world of possibly having it function.  Blocking ladies with 425 SAT's from completing nursing school cannot be on my personal agenda.

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