Sunday, January 8, 2012

Doing Nothing

A rare day dedicated to laudable sloth.  On my third cup of coffee.  It's been a not too busy week with a day off for New Years Day and somewhat quiet in the office, dedicated to some catchup.  The latter part of the week and lack of consecutive days off from work for a few weeks made me schedule some real me time or maybe more correctly leave me alone time.  Yesterday morning I gave my periodic donation of platelets and plasma.  It required me to get up early, eat at a time I normally would not have eaten, then get to the Blood Bank on time for a couple of hours of idle time watching Create TV, which is what I most like to do.  It went very efficiently leaving me a chance to arrive at AKSE at my usual Saturday morning time.  Mostly I skip services on platelet day but I am responsible for AKSE Academy so I thought I better mosey around and make sure the setup has gone as it should.  After some rest in the afternoon, I returned to AKSE to host the event which went well.  It always poses a strain on me, particularly towards the final week when I need to accommodate needs of speakers and assign rooms or deal with last minute cancellations.  So the following day, today, I just want to do nada, though I really should assemble my snow blower that has been sitting in a box in the garage for three months.  Maybe I'll dry-wall the bathroom ceiling, maybe not.  No obligations today.  No agenda for productivity.  Maybe go to Shop-Rite, maybe not.  Should soak fleishig dishes, probably will do that.  Maybe send postcards to old friends.  Things that I would otherwise not do.

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