Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nominating Committee

AKSE Board Meeting upcoming in a few days.  This month's agenda contains one dominant item, whether to continue Bingo as an ongoing fundraiser.  My position is currently neutral, but could be influenced by how the last year's experience is presented, or even by its results.  Less obtrusively on the agenda will be the announcement of the creation of a Nominating Committee.  While funds enable activities, people create the experience of engaging in those activities.

Being a nominal democracy, AKSE's members did themselves in for their own convenience a few years ago when they agree to a bylaws change that eliminated term limits for all officers other than the President.  While holding a position for a long time can create expertise, that really has not happened with the possible exception of the Building VP where there has been some turnover.  More characteristically, inbreeding stifles the ideas and innovations that are needed to make a place sparkle.

I do not know the composition of the Nominating Committee but can hazard a pretty safe guess that it will contain a small group of the President's A-List, a cadre devoid of anything that has a scintilla of entrepreneurial experience or intent.  AKSE will always function as a top down organization as an unintended consequence, despite the very sincere belief of the participants that all members have a stake in what happens there.

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