Sunday, January 22, 2012

Proceeding in a Thoughtful Way

Bingo will continue at AKSE for another six months or so votes the Board, with my vote in the majority, even though I personally regard Bingo as the wrong business for a synagogue to pursue.  They do not generate enough revenue from this to defray financial shortfalls in a conclusive way.  I concur with a negative voter who commented that the revenue does not justify the effort expended on this and the financial risk of an unsuccessful venture.  Yet it is one of the few projects at AKSE that I can honestly say has been thought through in an objective analytical fashion by the people developing it.  Its potential exceeds other fundraisers by a little yet is very labor intensive.  Getting forty volunteers to help out, including many who have this as their main form of time donation to the synagogue, keeps the needed labor fairly secure to say nothing of the need to engage people in synagogue activities.  Yet under best circumstances this is 8% of the congregation's budget.  The bulk of revenue comes from dues paid by membership units and from voluntary donations beyond the dues structure.  Still, the $8000 start-up investment required the organizers to analyze its potential and its risks, make corrections to inevitable missteps, then reassess outcome.

Very little at AKSE follows that outline, my own project of AKSE Academy included.  If the honchos are serious about growth and financial stability, they will have to apply similar due diligence to membership.

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