Thursday, January 24, 2019


It had been my intent to attend Grand Rounds at the Medical Center this morning.  My inner clock awoke me overnight, though.  I did a Review of Systems on myself, which tends to work more effectively  than counting sheep, but to no avail.  I just got up with some pretense of either watching television or being productive.  Sipped a small amount of zero calorie cherry-cola, then remembered that I hadn't yet paid my COBRA dental premium which was coming due soon.  I retrieved the statement, which I just have to remember with no assistance as one of the carrier's purposes is to drop participants as best they can,  Wrote a check.  Signed another check issued to me six weeks ago.  Scanned the remote to see if there is anything on Cable worthy of watching.  There wasn't.  I have a very successful self-imposed mandate not to use the computer or tablets from 11PM to 5:30AM so that diversion was off the table.  I do not eat from 8PM to 6AM as pretty good research has shown that restricting one's hours of feeding is the easiest passive way to achieve weight control.  That has been less successful.  Could have made brownies, as mixes are on sale each week making my supply excessive.  Risk of falling asleep with the oven on just seemed too high.  Our cat, a nocturnal predator, was also awake but didn't seem ready to play.

While the news cycle and time zones when people are normally awake and functioning has gone 24/7, I have not.  If no laudable TV and other screens forbidden, I may as well give sleep another go.  Next thing I knew it was usual wake time, or a half hour later.  I could still have rushed myself a little to Grand Rounds where they serve coffee when the doctors sign in but the motivation was gone.  Just start the other morning activities, get some catch-up sleep later, and allow today to go wherever it is headed.

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