Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Purging a Closet

This is the six month project that is both difficult and will happen.  I will create a personal retreat from my dysfunctional study by Memorial Day.  I started last year, never worked in a sustained way, bundling it with other upstairs declutter.  It didn't happen.  Much more limited focus this time.  I am arranging for a space planner but first there needs to be space.  What better space than closets, two of them, ample in size, with legitimate storage functions.  But first they need to be emptied.  There is a hanging bar with my haven't fit in decades suits and pants, all in good condition.  Off to clothing donation.  Ditto for my daughter's Brownie uniforms.  The shelves have games and puzzles.  Out they go, charity if usable, landfill if not.  But my demise has been paper.  And I was ruthless.  I do not have any birthday cards from my grade school years and neither should my son.  Big recycling box of school papers, financial proxy notices, requests for donations that were never opened.  Lots of banking and financial statements from the 1990's.  Those go in a separate box for state sponsored shredding the first Wednesday of every month.  Another box with my wife's papers that are not so easily discarded.  Separate box for those for now, then tackle a file drawer, rid it of not needed, and designated a file draw with my wife's papers to remain in indefinite oblivion but not visible when the file drawer is closed.  Did one closet floor.  Finish removing the stuff from the room today.  On to the next closet tomorrow. 

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