Thursday, January 10, 2019

Learning Twitter

Took Twitter for Dummies out of the library.  In 2015 I had created an account but never used it, and as I search as a new user, there are a lot of other accounts that appear blank as well.  Our President uses it to create discord and call attention to himself or develop his cult, which may be what the service is ultimately about.  While the intent of Facebook has been to connect to people you already know, apparently Twitter is more of a broadcast service to people you don't know, much like SERMO among physicians.  It open an opportunity for self-promotion.  In any case, I set my profile, misrepresenting it to make it look more interesting than it really is, but I assume that is part of the service.  Looked up a few people and organizations to follow.  Haven't yet exercised my option of blocking @potus.  Sent one tweet to an old friend.  Mostly see how it evolves.  It's popularity still mystifies me but maybe I'll understand better as I get farther into the book.

Twitter For Dummies; Paperback; Author - Laura Fitton

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