Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Prioritizing Synagogue Activities

My education committee chairman sent me a note asking if we could move the educational event that I run to the following week to avoid a conflict with a Game Night that another committee was putting together.  Logistically, it does not matter all that much which motzei shabbat the AKSE Academy takes place so it can be rescheduled.  The more important question in my mind is should it be rescheduled or should the components of the synagogue work in a more coherent way with priorities that are followed almost religiously?

Having been at AKSE for about thirteen years, I do not really think I could list ten priorities in order on a yellow legal pad.  Avoiding bankruptcy over the next few years would be first, I think.  At least pretty much all the officers say it is first but lukewarm willingness to do the things that avert the problem may provide a more realistic ranking to this particular imperative.  Having minyanim for each service ranks high until it comes time to actually fix the problem.  Making the congregation more attractive to a larger pool of women in the community ranks high but there is a phoniness about the decisions that impact upon this and how they are implemented.

No, there is Game Night and post-havdalah Machshava scheduled simultaneously and one must yield.  Which one?

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