Friday, August 6, 2010

Shabbos Prep

A lazy summer Friday with a few things to tidy up around the office as I take my final lap or two as a Delaware physician.  I am more inclined to think about shabbos today than to engage in useful work, though not ignore my closing tasks.  I read Rabbi Wein's weekly D'var Torah on the Project Genesis site earlier in the week.  Normally I make supper before I go to work but this week I delegated the task to my wife.  There are few bottles of craft beer worthy of shabbos in the fridge.  Of the local clergy, the one who gives the most consistently erudite and thoughtful weekly message presides over the Reform congregation.   He has not spoken this summer, delegating the task to congregants who have done quite well, though they do not have the core knowledge to link their message to a parallel message of Torah.  Some of the Rabbis in my community also lack that skill but the Rabbi Robinson of Beth Emeth stands out in that regard.   And they always get ten Jewish men there to enable me to say Kaddish.

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