Sunday, August 1, 2010

Time Cards

Shabbos at my shul yesterday.  I was ba-al shacharit, clearly rusty for not having done it in a while, definitely an amateur, amid other participants who were exceptionally proficient.  I definitely like being there more when I have something tangible to do.

Fast forward to kiddush,  a hodgepodge of crudites, ice cream and cookies with the usual wine and schnapps selection.  When I do something, I treat myself to spirits, this time Seagram Crown Royal, a small sip that the police on Shipley Road would not be able to detect..

Conversation this week with another medical friend, this one a senior section chief of major accomplishment.  He came to services with a white polo shirt with the logo of a journal that he edits.  He described how much time he spends on the task, maybe about 10% of his week.  I commented that my new job requires me to track my time, something I've never done before.  To my astonishment, CCHS requires him to do the same, despite his very senior position and despite being among the most accomplished individuals who arrives at the parking lot each day.

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