Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Erev Rosh Hashana 5771

My greetings have been pretty much sent.  This morning I arose at 5:30, my last full day in my medical office, to prepare dinner for yontiff.  Irene made her annual rice kugel last night.  I made the chicken today.  I was going to make honey cake and had all the ingredients out but took advantage of my New Year's intent of cutting down on procrastination by postponing this until tomorrow, to take to my in-laws.  I made Kojel for dessert instead.  It goes much faster but never gels as well as trafe Jell-o, though I am told that there is now a reasonably competitive Kosher product.

Rozzy plans to be with us for the holiday so we purchased a worship ticket for her.  I picked out a Round Challah, initially getting an Ace product from Safeway but returning it to the shelf when the self-register rang up $9.59.  Procrastinate next year, try not to.  Cheap next year, you betcha.  Got a smaller and less inviting one at Shop-Rite for less than half that.  Tablecloth looks grungy and I could not find the other fleishig one, so probably stop off at Boscov's on the way home for a new one.  Then make a vegetable, make the soup and heat up the pre-made stuff for a good start to the New Year. 

Son's birthday tomorrow.  Same birthday as the world, at least this year.

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