Wednesday, September 22, 2010

High Holy Day Sermons

Survived another Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, not quite knowing where I am sealed.  Didn't do so great on "latznu" from the viduy, and not about to take the Rabbi's advice to work on where I personally fit in on my transgressions, at least that one.

I do not recall what the Rosh Hashana sermons were.  Something about binding Yitzchak the first day, even though they didn't actually do it until the second day.  For the second day, my daughter commented something about Dr. Phil on the pulpit.  I do not recall anything of the sermon only the paucity of Jewish content, decent theme probably but without the substance that would enable me to recall the content a week later.  Yom Kippur went better, with the Kol Nidre message including a decent review of several passages of Al Chait and a poignant message introducing Yizkor based on his feelings following his experience with a stillborn child.

Last night at AKSE's Board Meeting we had a High Holiday review.  To my great surprise the sermons were well received by most of the Board Members.  None of them required attendance at Rabbi School, the Jewish content was paltry in all, though compensated by other things in the YK messages.

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