Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mens Club Discussion

AKSE has both a Mens Club and a Sisterhood, each productive in its own way.  The Sisterhood raises money and makes sure food is on the table for kiddush and other events.  The Mens Club meets monthly with some type of program.  I attended today's meeting, one that I had looked forward to, where a U of Delaware professor of Jewish Studies would present on how he transformed from a good ol' boy of non-Jewish ancestry to a Jewish scholar, who definitely did not attend Rabbinical Junior College.  Despite my anticipation, and the obvious knowledge of the professor, the morning was a great disappointment, so much so that I looked at my watch and bentsched early as the Rabbi watched. 

The talk just wasn't focused.  To make it more arduous, the organizers invited the Jewish War Veterans to present.  And furthermore, the food fell short of its usual attractiveness.  I probably won't go back to any more of these, no matter who is scheduled for the presentation.

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