Tuesday, December 4, 2018

A Work Day

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Big task list.  There has always been a little tension on major projects like decluttering my study.  Is it better to do a half hour at a time over an extended time or allocate an entire day to just do that.  My inclination has always been to eat the elephant one bite at a time but there are reasons to question that.  My monthly writing assignment, for which I am paid, takes a few hours to research and write. I pick the topic in advance when I find something that looks interesting but the writing is done in one or two large blocks when it has my undivided attention.  On the flip side I keep up with dishwashing pretty much every day.  Grand fleishig dinners, like I had for Thanksgiving and my wife's birthday, generate a few racks worth of dishes.  I do one rack at a time, but multiple racks in one day and generally do not stop for a partial rack.  And there are the hybrids.  In school I kept up with my classwork each day but had marathon reviews the night or two before each exam.

So after maybe a week of mostly recreation from my trip to NYC, a day at the library, a day ill, and a weekend recovering, then birthday and Hanukkah and a return to SERMO, it's time to redirect to the work tasks.  Cleaning the house, writing an article I've been neglecting, making my two desks usable, dealing with a large dental bill that may be erroneous, major shopping with money saving coupons.  All do better with concentrated effort and defined completion points.  Unsure if I am up to the task.

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