Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Money Saving Coupons

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One supermarket, Shop-Rite, made a key wise decision a number of years ago to set aside specialty kosher areas for bakery, meat and deli which essentially gave them exclusivity for us kosher consumers, with a little competition from Trader Joe's whose more limited inventory makes it attractive to empty nesters like myself who do not always benefit from a mega market.  Every Thursday the weekly circular arrives in the mail.  Coupons are noted.  Now that I am retired I can go any time, avoiding the Sunday crowds and likely to find significant clearances on an item or two of kosher meat, for which I should probably set a moratorium as my freezer needs some clever re-positioning to get the door closed tightly.

This week they had a particularly attractive array of coupons for things my doctor thinks I should avoid.  Bulk salmon just right for gravlax, though the price of a bunch of dill was exorbitant.  Can always use cream cheese for 99 cents.  Needed hanukkah candles as our big menorah that used shabbos candles snapped at its base.  Pepperidge Farm cookies, chocolate chips.  They require another $10 purchase, no problem with the kosher but dairy Manischewitz Hanukkah gingerbread house which was not so easy to find.  And we always need another package of paper towels and toilet paper.   Bargain on Morningstar Farms trayfe facsimiles and Manischewitz dry soup mix.  Now that I am home to make supper most days and like to make breakfast, brownies and latkes, eggs at a reduced price cannot be overlooked.  Before you know it, my cart was full, though the paper products took most of it, and my Visa chip debited about $130 from my account, and that's without buying any meat at all.

With the pantry, refrigerator, freezer and other flat kitchen surfaces now saturated, a game plan to eat all this stuff poses the next challenge.  Gravlax takes about 4 days to make and about 10 to eat.  The cream cheese will come in handy.  I've been baking a bit, which is why I needed some more eggs, and could bake some more.  Could make challah for shabbos, that uses up some eggs.  Don't know yet what to do with Morningstar Farms phony Pulled Pork, in part because I never made pulled pork and I don't know if the ersatz meat can be 1:1 substituted for the real thing.  And there is a Festival deadline for assembling that Hanukkah gingerbread house.

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